Success story

Rakesh’s father was a migrant worker from Bihar having one daughter and a son. Through his hard work and dedication, he set himself up in the metropolitan city of Delhi. Rakesh and his sister received reasonable education. Their mother was a housewife and mostly kept herself busy in household chores.

Towards the beginning of adolescence, Rakesh became very ambitious and wanted to earn money without much effort and only through unique business strategy and skills. He felt that Information Technology is a field through which he could make money in a short span of time. He dropped his studies after 12thand joined computer course which he believed would help him to fetch immediate jobs at the call centers.

Although the training enabled him to get a good job, but the earnings were not as per his expectations. He changed companies several times and even got involved unfair means to climb the ladder of success and monetary benefits.

However he was not able to earn enough money to fulfil his aspirations of living a ‘King Sized’ life. He was caught in an emotional trauma and continuously haunted by his failure. He resortedto addictive pharmaceutical solvent which enabled him to live in a state of illusion far away from reality. Gradually he became irritable, depressed and got into brawls and started to misbehave with his parents. He also quit his job at the pretext of doing business, but nothing worked out, fuelling the severity of addiction.

When his father came to know about his son’s addiction problem from a friend of his, heand got him admitted at TPF’s de-addiction centre.

It took the counsellors several weeks to bring him to accept himself as anaddict; he always tried to believe and convince others that addiction is not a problem. Individual counselling coupled with attendance of sessions on sharing of life experiences by his fellow drug dependantsbrought him to the world of reality and helped him to assess his position in life. He understood the hardships of life through the success stories of those who successfully dealt with it. He also developed a perception of expected responsibility from the society and family.

After five and a half months of treatment, now he is a changed person.He helps the new comers to modify their attitude towards life and deal with the so called ‘failures’ in life. He met with his parents at the centre and told them about his future plan. He wanted to look for a job and made up his mind to consult his parents and elders before making any major decisions in his life or career.