Real Life Experiences

Mr. X (name changed) born second of 5 children of a working woman. He has three sisters and a brother who runs a hotel. The sisters are all married off and he stays with his mother and brother.

Mr. X (name changed) born second of 5 children of a working woman. He has three sisters and a brother who runs a hotel. The sisters are all married off and he stays with his mother and brother.

His case of drug abuse is typical of any urban youth who falls prey to the vices of drugs; but his recovery is a lamppost for many to follow. His story can be heard from his own words.

I was given a pocket money of 25 paise while I was in the school but I used the money to buy marbles and habitually avoided school. While being in the streets he was slowly introduced to charas a form of cannabis, from the streets. As the money became insufficient I became a street singer and used the money for the drugs.

In the mean time he was introduced to alcohol by friend whom I met while I was in the streets. The money I earned singing songs in the street was used for food and alcohol. Mean while I also worked part time as a tourist guide.

As the demand for money grew steadily for the want of alcohol, I slowly turned up anti social activities like chain snatching pick pocketing etc., this ended me up in the police custody and from there I became friend with a man who was in the same cell.

This friend was a black marketer of cinema tickets in the neighbour hood theatres. He also introduced me to brothels and prostitutes. Slowly he introduced me to smack (brown sugar). I was given free doses as and when I needed it. It continued for a few days and one day he disappeared. And I needed the stuff very badly but had no idea of its availability. And my body wanted it very badly and showed no mercy on me. My eyes were watery and I lost appetite and lost interest in every thing. My stomach hurt me like hell I had severe vomiting and dysentery. I some how wanted the stuff. And at this time my friend came in and promised me the stuff but he said he needed money to buy it. I did not know at that time I was being hooked up. Slowly the demand increased and I had no steady income.
The routine continued for 15 long years I did everything possible to obtain the stuff I threatened my parents, abused them and got into every kind of anti social activity to get my daily doses. At this time my parents took me to a hospital and the doctor prescribed me some medicines but it did not help me out of my condition. And the expense was too high almost a thousand rupees per day which was not in the capacity of my parents. At this time a friend of me suggested me about a rehabilitation centre but I did not take much notice about it as it gave me a picture of the old hospital, where I was treated as a patient, a subject, and the doctors and nurses giving the suggestions and treatment. But after a lot of pressure from my parents I decided to go there and find it out myself. On the first day itself I was impressed with Turning Point Foundation as in the office itself they explained me the situation I am in amazingly most of what they said was true about me. Even without a little bit of knowledge about me they could explain my condition impressed me immensely and I knew that they are into the business and know what they are doing.
It was difficult for the first few days as it the same old problem of detoxification. But I could overcome all the difficulties with the help of the personal assistance I was given. A person was allotted only for me to attend to my needs in the time of detoxification, when I was most difficult to be controlled. With the help of the staff here I was brought to normality slowly but steadily; while when I was in the clutches of the drug I lost my sleep but now I sleep like a log. It took a little over six months to wash away the dirt I accumulated over the years. The more important thing is that I could get an order in my life like regular and timely bath, food in time and prayer before bed and meal all these rejuvenated my mind and body over the time I spent at the centre.

My sincere wish is that you don’t do the mistake I committed in my life.