From Darkness to Light

I am Sharad, an addict live in Delhi. I have studied till 9th Class and 28 years of age now. I had many friends during my schooling who used to smoke Cigarette & Biri. Their habit of bunking classes and wandering around looked very attractive to me and I have identified my roles models among them.

Eventually, I also experimented with smoking of Ganja, Biri and Cigarette with those friends. Within no time I found solace in it and become habitual. To fund my negative behavior and my friends, I started stealing money from my house and also started bunking classes.  Few months later my parents came to know that I have started taking drugs. When they asked me about it, I was always in a denial mode and tried to convince them that I am not taking any drugs.  The quantity and frequency of my drugs intake has increased and this has resulted less attendance in school and become a school dropout. In most of the day I found myself in a drowsy state at my home.

Family did not he give enough money for the drugs, so I have to resort to petty stealing. One day during the pick pocketing, I was caught red handed and send to the jail. After coming out from the jail, the habits did not stopped, I was become a regular criminal and frequent visitor to the jail. Almost 10 years this went on.

Sometime later my parents get to know about Turning Point Foundation (TPF) Drug Rehabilitation Center from the parent of recovery addict who has undergone treatment at TPF. They got me admitted here. In the beginning I was revengeful to the family but after some time I started getting physical improvement which I felt very satisfied.

I followed the time schedule at TPF and started to eat & sleep properly.  When I was introduced the treatment programmes and was not serious about the treatment. The various activities at the TPF centre slowly made me to think and I realized that addiction is a disease. I started taking interest in this treatment. My thought, my Language and my Behaviors were bad during my drug using period which affected badly on my personal, family & professional relationships. Now with the help of TPF’s counselor, I have started acknowledging my bad behaviors and started working for the improvement. I also get to know about my responsibilities. Now I am feeling very positive towards my future. I have completed treatment process and now volunteers to help people like me and wanted to continue this for some for months.  Lastly I would thanks to all the Team members of Turning Point Foundation for kind cooperation and giving me a new life.